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The perfect mix for healthier livestock.

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Science & nutrition

The perfect mix for healthier pigs.

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Science & nutrition

The perfect mix for healthier poultry.

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Soy&More. The innovative premium soy food for healthy animal nutrition and optimal digestion. 

Danis Soy&More uses highly treated oilseeds and protein sources, including soybeans, horse beans, linseed and rapeseed. A specific hydro-thermal treatment ensures valorization of these raw materials, rich in both proteins and fats, ideal for use in high-quality pig, cattle and poultry feeds.

Excellent protein source

Unique process

Premium feed quality

Healthier livestock

Maximum productivity

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Danis Soy&More offers an extensive range of premium protein and energy sources to be used in pig, poultry and cattle feeds. Our product range focuses on the specific nutritional requirements for each animal type.

All products are available in different packaging: bulk, big bags and 25kg bags

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The P2P concept

Soy&More uses full-fat soybeans, horse beans, linseed and rapeseed to make special feed blends for all kinds of animals. We’ve developed a unique treatment to make what nature has given us even more nutritious and easy to digest for animals. Our in-house quality control center allows us to quickly tweak the process and allows us to deliver premium quality animal feed, every day.

For this reason, Danis Soy&More developed the P2P concept. It relates our core business (mission), providing optimized nutritional value for animals, with our vision for the future.

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P2P concept

Health and happiness thanks to 
our superior ingredients

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Our sustainable approach

As a provider of optimized nutritional value for the compound feed industry, Danis Soy&More commits itself towards a sustainable way of producing high quality raw materials used in animal nutrition.

By meeting the strict requirements of several renowned certification institutions such as SGS and TÜV NORD Integra, Danis Soy & More not only ensures its clients a permanent access to the regulated EU feed market but also wants to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and improving the animal welfare standard.

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