Nutritional excellence

Nutritional excellence

Soy&More uses full-fat soybeans, horse beans, linseed and rapeseed to make special feed blends for all kinds of animals. We’ve developed a unique treatment to make what nature has given us even more nutritious and easy to digest for animals. Our in-house quality control center allows us to quickly tweak the process and allows us to deliver premium quality animal feed, every day.

For this reason, Danis Soy&More developed the P2P concept. It relates our core business (mission), providing optimized nutritional value for animals, with our vision for the future.

P2P concept

Protein to product

In the late 80’s, a shortage and the absence of highly digestible protein sources for our pig feeds encouraged us to look for innovative sustainable solutions. Together with improving the animal welfare standard and the preservation of sustainable raw materials, valorizing feed nutrition still acts as the basis for our business unit foundation.

Nowadays, we offer an extensive range of optimized nutrition for all animal types.

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Protein to practice

As a subdivision of the market leader in Belgian pig farming, Danis Soy&More forms the starting link in the vertical integration of the Danis Group. Correct choice of raw materials in combination with specific genetics provides the basis for sustainable pig breeding and pork production.

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Protein to production

With over 25 years of experience, Danis Soy&More developed a specific production process consisting of various steps, each of which contributes to the valorization of the nutritional value of untreated raw materials. During the toasting processing, Danis Soy&More strives for the optimum balance between the reduction of antinutritional factors and the protection of high nutrient digestibilities (eg protein quality).

Protein to peak

With our own specialized laboratory, Danis Soy&More delivers a constant product quality towards its customers. A permanent follow-up during each step of the production process ensures a precise traceability and the flexibility to adapt the production parameters according to the analysed values. Next to analyzing the chemical and toasting parameters of the end product, the laboratory also performs internal analyzes on microbiology.

Soy process schema

Protein to pursuit

The increasing demand for sustainable feed nutrition challenges animal feed manufacturers to come up with sustainable affordable solutions. Danis Soy&More anticipates to these challenges by offering profitable alternative solutions such as treated horse beans and dehulled peas. Next to a constant innovation of our product range, our R&D department is continously looking for new solutions as well as evaluating the current products and processes through field trials and European research institutes & universities.

Protein to profit

Multiple studies, conducted by reputable institutions like ILVO, Inagro, Schothorst and different European universities, as well as in our own proper trial facilities have shown a positive relation between the incorporation of our products and the technical results, performances, health and welfare of (young) animals.

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