As a provider of optimized nutritional value for the compound feed industry, Danis Soy&More commits itself towards a sustainable way of producing high quality raw materials used in animal nutrition.

By meeting the strict requirements of several renowned certification institutions such as SGS and TÜV NORD Integra, Danis Soy & More not only ensures its clients a permanent access to the regulated EU feed market but also wants to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and improving the animal welfare standard.


Below you can find and download an overview of the most relevant certificates.

Vlog certified logo

VLOG Certified

The German Association of Food without Genetic Engineering founded by food processors, producers and retailers aims to produce and process only foods that are completely free of genetically modified ingredients and raw materials. As a result, the rapidly increasing demand for GMO-free feed materials in Western-Europe encouraged Danis Soy & More to fulfill these VLOG standards.

USDA organic logo

Certified Organic

Besides VLOG, Danis Soy & More has also been accredited with the Organic Production Method Certificate. As an experienced processor of natural resources for the feed industry, Danis Soy & More has a moral responsibility towards the future of our planet by improving the animal welfare standard and the conservation of natural resources. By offering multiple organic products, we aspire to develop a sustainable way of processing raw materials. All our organic products can be visual identified by the EU organic logo.

HFA logo

Healthy Farming Association (HFA) – Better for everyone

Amongst feed scientists, there is a growing concern about the discrepancy between an excessive amount of omega 6 fatty acids and a shortage of omega 3 fatty acids in today’s food intake. Multiple studies have shown a link between this imbalance and the development of civilization diseases e.g. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. The lack of omega 3 not only affects the human health but also impacts the well-being of animals.